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You can easily download an entire issue of art, images, content, puzzles, activities and more. Whether you are looking for the current month's content or previous months' (back issues) content, it's easy to do!

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Locate and download current month's (issue) content

Locate and download previous months' (issue) content

Locate and download the current month's (issue) contents

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After you've logged in, the home page is where you see the current month's issue in the center of the page. This will change monthly with each issue's release. The IN THIS ISSUE section provides the links you need to view and download images, content, articles, cartoons, etc., from the CURRENT month's issue. We also provide a ZIP file if you wish to simply download the entire issue all at once.

Locate and download previous months' (issue) content (Back issues)

Finding content from our back (previous months) issues is just as easy as finding new and current content. At the home page (after you have logged into the site), we provide easy access links that will take you to the library of back (previous months) issues.

You can access this material by clicking the link on the home page:

Or you can click on the BACK ISSUES tab on the menu to see a full listing of our issue library:

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