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Are you searching for the perfect clip-art, photo, or graphic piece to complete your church newsletter? Or are you looking for a Newsletter or Flyer Template? The art library at  The Newsletter Newsletter is surely to have the perfect solution. This article will guide you on how to utilize the search engine within The Newsletter Newsletter library to find that perfect image.

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Using the search menu to find art and images

After you've logged in, the subscriber dashboard is where you'll find our search menu. Here you can search for images, clip-art, photos, PowerPoint slides, cartoons, and more. 

3 ways to search

1. By keyword or topic search: Enter a keyword (e.g. Christmas, Easter, Vacation Bible School, Choir, Joy, Friendship) to find results related to certain words or phrases. As you start typing, you will see our topic list prefill, and you can select on of those if they fit your search. Click Go to view your results. 

2. By Topic: You can also browse art by topics, such as Birthdays, Flowers, PowerPoint Slides, Borders, and more. View the topics, and then click on the topic you wish to see. 

3. By Scripture: Enter a specific Scripture passage to find related images. Click Go to view your results. 

Search images and art by categories

You can choose the Category or Categories of images to search for by selecting the category type(s) below the Keyword search field.  

Enter the keyword or Scripture to search, and then check the box(es) for the Category of image(s) you want to see. For example, to receive only photos in your search, click the checkbox next to Photos, enter your keyword, and then click the Go button. Or if you want to see all photos, use an asterisk * in the search field.

Or, to exclude a category from your search, uncheck that type, and then click Go.  

Search All Images Added in Recent Weeks

If are only looking for recently added art to narrow down your search, you can choose only art added within the last few weeks. Choose the number of weeks you want in the dropdown and hit "Go" you will see all the newest art. We add new images every week!  

Set your Search Preferences

After doing a search or after clicking the Change Search Preferences link in the left-hand menu under Search Categories, you'll be able to choose several or all file types by checking or unchecking your preferred file type. You can also choose the number of images per page that shows or to have search results only show Black & White or only Color images.  How your search options may be suppressing images from your results

Tips for using Keyword Search

Here are a few ways to make your keyword search more successful:

  • Use the singular form of your search word. Plural forms will find artwork, but you’ll usually find more with the singular form.
  • To find the most selections, use the root form of the word. For example, when searching for “singers,” try searching for just the word "sing" instead. When you use the root form, the search engine automatically looks for all word endings (-ed, -es, -er, -s, -ing, etc.)  
  • Use two or more words to narrow your search (such as purple candle). Only those pictures that match both words are found. When you use multiple words, the search engine assumes an “and” between the words.

Tips for using Scripture Search

In addition to the Keyword Search, you can use the Scripture Search option that allows you to find images from a specific book of the Bible. You can narrow your search to find images from a specific chapter within a book, or narrow it even more to find a specific chapter and verse.

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