Getting Started Using The Newsletter Newsletter

You have just made the decision to join the most comprehensive church newsletter building website available!  With The Newsletter Newsletter, you will find everything you need to build not only your newsletter, but you will also find art and content for all your church publications. We'll walk you through the website to provide you with a breakdown of how to find the content you need.

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Find the perfect image & content for your newsletter, bulletin and more

Tips & How-To Articles

Activities for Children (and Adults!)

Monthly Issues & Back Issues

Find Images and Content

Let’s start by getting a feel for the home page. The first boxes that you see are quick search boxes for images and content.  You can search images by keyword & image type or by Scripture.  You can also search the entire content library (filler material to add to your newsletter and bulletins) by keyword.  

Search Art

Images create excitement and draw the reader in. Images also personalize your newsletter.  With your Newsletter Newsletter subscription, you have access to our entire art database.  That’s right--literally thousands of images of clip art, bulletin covers, PowerPoints, photos, and more at your disposal. 

And, you can personalize the art for your church by using the Online Caption Editor feature.  The text on that same picture of a Bible and a cup of coffee can be changed to promote your Men’s Bible study, Women’s Bible study, College night at the coffee shop or whatever you would like!  

Once you select an image, click the Edit Caption link underneath that image to change the wording, text size, color, and orientation to make the image your own.

Learn more about the  Online Caption Editor.

Content Search

The content section includes Words of Welcome, Preparation for Worship, Special Dates, Quotes and Inspirational thoughts. Simply choose what you want to include in your publication, then copy and paste it into your newsletter, church bulletin or other media. 

You can also search Content by issue when clicking on the Content tab on the top menu bar.

Tips & How-To Articles

These articles provide practical how-to instruction for building your newsletter and other media.  

Each month covers a different topic and the topics have ranged from various subjects including using correct grammar (various issues), how to choose a font (September 2003), how to launch a forum on church issues (September 2017), and how to take expert photos of your congregation for your media (October 2018).  There is a wealth of information housed here, and you have access to this entire library by clicking on the ‘articles’ tab at the top of the homepage. 

In fact, if you have a How-To question and can’t find the answer in the library, we’d love to hear from you and add it to our upcoming topics.

Activities for Children (and Adults!) 

The activities link includes a puzzle and craft each month to add to your newsletters and bulletins.  Although these are targeted to towards children, you will find many "children at heart" in your congregation will enjoy these monthly features.

Current Issues & Back Issues

Each issue contains images, content (filler material to add to your newsletter), articles (how-to tips on building your newsletter), kids activities and cartoons.  There is also a link to download the contents of the current issue.

The current issue is displayed in the In This Issue box. 

The first thing that you may notice is that the current issue is at least one month out.  This is because we publish each issue a month and a half early so that you can begin working on your newsletter early.  In other words, beginning on October 15, when the leaves are falling and you are thinking about Halloween and Thanksgiving, the December, Christmas-oriented issue will be featured.  

You can view the current month issue by clicking on the Back Issues tab at the top of the page and then clicking on the desired month.  Not only do you have access to the current issue, you also have access to the entire website library.

More to Explore!

Who doesn’t love bonus items?  Of course, The Newsletter Newsletter includes extras!  

Add a Smile with Church Cartoons

Improve your readership by including a quick smile.  Each month, The Newsletter Newsletter features a new cartoon. You can also search the online cartoon library by topic using the image quick search link or by issue using the ‘CARTOONS’ tab on the top menu. Here’s one of our favorites for your newsletter creation inspiration. 


Special Features

You can find these special features by clicking on the Special Features tab in the header.  Included here are seasonal and holiday newsletter templates, a downloadable editable calendar, production schedules to help you stay on track, and quick references.  

We hope that you enjoy your Newsletter Newsletter subscription.  This was a quick overview, and there is more information located in the help section.  

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