Getting Started Using The Newsletter Newsletter

You have just made the decision to join the most comprehensive church newsletter building website available!  With The Newsletter Newsletter, you will find everything you need to build not only your newsletter, but you will also find art and content for all your church publications. We'll walk you through the website to provide you with a breakdown of how to find the content you need. 

Navigating the Home Page

View Art by Month

Find Art Using Search, Topics and Scripture

Find Templates and Motion Videos

Use the My Images Tool

Find Content 

Find Articles and Back Issues

Find Activities

This website is mobile-friendly, so you can view the site from any device you choose.

After logging in, you'll find a clean dashboard that has links to all the key features of the site. It's designed to help you find the art and content you need quickly. 

First, you'll see the Contact Us and Help links in the upper left of the menu bar. The "Help" link will take you to our help library where you'll find more documents like this one where we explain and show you how to navigate through the site and find and use the art and content you need. 

Look for My Account and Sign Out links in the upper right of the menu bar. Here, you'll find options where you can do things such as update your contact information, make a payment or check on your account status. 

In the header, you'll also see links to access the art, content, and articles that are available with The Newsletter Newsletter. You'll also see a link to the new "My Images" folder (we'll discuss more on this further in this document). 

On the dashboard of the Home page, you'll see the Search options (look to the left) and links to several of the items you see in the header. Plus you'll see a few extra links to help you find what you need for this time of year. Here is all that you will see on the dashboard of the Home page. Take a minute to look around. 

  • Search the art, videos, and templates by keyword, topic, or Scripture (on the left side).
  • New art added by the week
  • Special days by Month list
  • Featured Topics
  • Popular Topics List
  • Links to Content, How-to Articles, and Activities
  • View Art by Month or Week

    From the home page, you can now search for newly added art. To find new art, click the New Art menu option at the top of the home page. 

    Once you've clicked on the link for the New Art for the month, you'll see results for the featured month. You can also click the previous month's button above the artwork to see art from the previous month. Or you can click the month dropdown list and go back to past months and years.

    You can also search for new art within a specific number of past weeks. To find art that matches these criteria, just enter the number of weeks that you'd like to search under New art withing the last X week(s) and click Go. This will show you all the images for those weeks. Or you can enter a keyword to refine your search. 

    Find Art using Search, Topics, and Scripture 

    Our more intuitive search feature allows for searching art by Keywords and Topics. To search for art, enter a Keyword into the Search field box. You will notice that, as you type, words or phrases will pre-fill in a drop-down. Those prefilled keywords are Topics that we've created. Once you've entered a keyword, click GO to see your search results. You can check or uncheck a Category if you want to refine your search.

    If you'd like to look thru all the Topics click the Topic List link a little further down on the left. We provide an alphabetical listing of topics, including books of the Bible. 

    Use the Scripture Search to enter the book of the Bible and the particular chapter and verse to see related art for a particular passage. Click GO to see the results for your search. You do not need to enter a verse if you want everything available from that chapter to come back in your search results. 

    Be sure to always confirm the art file types you need by choosing and confirming your search preferences. For more information on file types and updating your search preferences, review this help document.

    Find Templates and Motion Videos

    Use the Search box to find professionally designed templates for bulletins, newsletters, and more as well as motion videos. There are a few ways to look for these. 

    1. If you have a specific topic for the template or motion video, you can type it in that Keyword Search box and check only the Motion Video or Templates checkbox. Then click Go. 

    2. If you want to see all of the motion videos or templates in the library, simply enter the Keyword "Templates" or "Motion videos" into the Search box field and you'll see them all with the newest templates at the top of your search results.  

    3. Click on the List Topics link and you can find the topics for Templates and Motion Videos listed. The list is in alphabetical order. 

    Use the My Images Folder

    You can save your favorite images to use over and over again. To add a favorite image to your  My Images folder, click the + folder icon next to the file name for any image. After clicking on the icon, click on the  My Images link in the header and you will see the images you've added. It's a great way to keep your favorite images accessible when you need them. 

    To remove an image from My Images, simply click the red minus icon next to any image in your My Images folder.

    Find Content

    It's never been easier to locate the content you need. Click the Content menu option at the top of any page. You'll see a listing of all issues by month and year. Click on any issue link to see all the content from that issue. You can also enter a keyword at the top of the Content page in the Search Content box for a more detailed search experience. Once you've found the content you like, you can copy and paste it right into your document. 

    View Find and Use Content for more help. 

    Find How-to Articles and Back Issues

    You can view a listing of articles and back issues by visiting the Articles menu option at the top of the screen. Here you'll see all issues by year. Under each thumbnail for an issue, we provide links to view all articles found within the issue OR click the link to view a PDF of the complete issue that can be downloaded. Go to Viewing Articles and Back Issues for more help. 

    Find Activities

    Activities are images of puzzles, quizzes, snacks, and more that can be inserted into your newsletters and publications. You can see a full listing of them under the Activities menu option at the top of the home page. Or you can enter "Activities" in the keyword search box and hit Go. The newest activities added to the library will show at the top. 

    We hope that you enjoy your  Newsletter Newsletter subscription.  This was a quick overview, and there is more information located in the Help section.

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