What is on my CD and how do I use it?

The CD that is included in your monthly packets contains a content file as well as all of the art files for the issue.  


You will find on each CD a .Doc that contains the Content for the issue. You can view this file by going to your This PC and clicking on the CD-ROM file.  

You can also open this file in software programs such as MS Word, Word Perfect and sometimes, MS Publisher by opening the program >> Choose File >> Open >> searching for the CD-ROM file and clicking Open

This will display the entire content file.  You should then be able to highlight, copy and paste the desired text into your newsletter or publication.

Art Files

How art files are structured on the CD

The art files are divided into 4 top-level folders: BW (Black & White), Color, GIFs & PPT (PowerPoint) folders. 

Inside the BW and Color folders, you will find all of the illustrated art files, as well as the Vector Files for Mac (EPS Files) and Vector Files for Word (WMF Files).

The GIFs folder contains a BW and a Color folder with the images inside.

Using art files from the disk

Our CDs do not run independently, meaning, in order to access the clip-art images you must import them into a desktop publishing or word processing files.  Or download the files directly to your computer and use the images from there.

Sometimes an image will display through an image viewing program, however, you will not be able to edit, resize or print the images until it is imported into another program. We recommend programs such as MS Word, MS Publisher, Word Perfect or PageMaker. Since each program works differently, check your particular programs Help feature for specific instructions on using graphic files.

Once the image has been imported to your program, you should be able to edit, resize or print as needed.

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