Setting My Search Preferences

With The Newsletter Newsletter, you can search for all types of art by keywords, topics and image types. After logging in, on the subscriber home page, you'll see where you can 'Search Clip-Art by Keyword' or 'Search for Art by Scripture'.

If you find you're not receiving the images from your search that you expect, you may need to confirm or update your Search Preferences. Maybe you were looking for color images but you only received black and white images in your search results. Possibly you need only clip-art, but you're receiving all image types in your search results.

You can narrow, expand or update your search results by adjusting your Search Preferences. 

To adjust your search preferences, you'll click on the 'Pref / Search Tips' link on the home page. 

Next, you'll see options on setting your preferences for Image Types, Image Sizes and Image Color. Simply check or remove the check marks based on what results you wish to receive and click 'Save'.

  • Choose one, several or all file types by checking or un-checking a box to match your preferences.
  • Choose how large (or small) you want the images to appear
  • Choose to search by either Black & White images, Color images or BOTH.
  • Choose the number of images to display on a page.

Once you have made your selections, click the 'Save' button.

You can also search by art type from the Search Preference page. Choose as many art types you wish--such as Clip-Art, Photos, Cartoons, PowerPoint and Bulletin Cover Art. 

To see only one art type in your results, be sure to have only that art type selected with a check mark. For example, If you only wish to search Cartoons, then only have a check mark by the Cartoons box. If you only wish to see Photos, only have a check mark by the Photo box. 

Be sure to click 'Save' after you've made your choices--and you can change preferences any time, but don't forget to 'Save' after each change!

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